Major dissemination outputs

  • The ComVantage project has been presented and introduced in 44 congresses and events during these three years
  • Coordination of the position paper for the FInES cluster 'Embarking on New Orientations Towards Horizon 2020'
  • Contribution to the Inputs to Horizon 2020 Work Programme 2016-2018: Digital Business Innovation Orientations
  • Contribution to IERC AC4 Manifesto on IoT Semantic Interoperability
  • 51 submitted papers (47 already accepted for publication) including 6 journals publications and 2 book chapters
  • Establishment of contacts and synergies with 20 European ITEA and FP7 projects
  • 175 twitter followers and almost 5.000 visits to the ComVantage website have been achieved

Major exploitation outputs

  • 9 product enhancements, available within 1 year
  • 2 significant contributions to product enablement: generic approaches for standardised interfaces and unified information access for a simplified cloud services; and mobile collaboration for mobile plant engineering and commissioning
  • Definition of 4 service packages, available within 1 year: Machine Integration Services Package, Authentication and Authorisation Package, Mobile Information System Package, and SME Network Business Consulting Package
  • Commercialisation of 10 components via consulting services, available within 1 – 2 years
  • 10 open source contributions to 4 open source communities, available already
  • Integration of 10 open source 3rd party tools in the ComVantage tool chain
  • 4 strategic alliance clusters focussing on the defined packages
  • 1 assessment tool indicating the readiness for collaboration networks


  • Harmonization and interlinking of transient machine and business data. More
  • Simplified machine interface for remote access to manufacturing machinery by non-experts or automated agents. More
  • Self-service business process modelling platform for interorganizational collaboration. More
  • Advanced business process modelling support for collaborative interorganizational environments. More
  • Secure information sharing among stakeholders along a distributed product value chain. More
  • Flexible workflow runtime for agile business environments. More


  • Collaborative identification and prediction of presumable machine defects to avoid unplanned downtimes. More
  • Mobile corrective maintenance to optimize on-site diagnosis and error detection. More
  • Cycle-time validation support for engineers for accelerated on-site plant commissioning operations. More
  • Mobile support for production line equipment testing to speed up time-to-factory. More
  • Involvement of end-customer in design & production process. More
  • Improved production network logistics due to operation and process transparency via mobile devices. More

The ComVantage Consortium