Evidian, a subsidiary of Bull Group, is a French Independent Software Vendor with a worldwide presence based on subsidiaries and a network of 70 partners.

It is the European leader in identity and access management software, with 15 years experience.

Evidian identity and access management solutions help over 750 organizations in the world improve their agility, enhance security and comply with laws and regulations, while reducing costs.

Evidian provides strong authentication management, enterprise single sign-on, web access management, identity management, role life cycle management, self-service portal, user provisioning, audit and reporting. Its solutions govern the accesses of more than 3 millions end-users every day, in the healthcare, finance, telco, government and enterprise sectors.

The Evidian technology has received awards from InternetWeek, Computergram, Data Communications, NetWork Computing and SC Magazine. In the last months, the value of the Evidian software has been reviewed positively by such analysts as Gartner and Kuppinger Cole.

Evidian dedicates a significant part of its revenue to research and development. As a result, it is leading or participating in several ongoing European R&D projects.

For more information about Evidian, please visit www.evidian.com