ISN d.o.o.

ISN – Innovation Service Network is a service and research company in the field of innovation- and knowledge management.

The Innovation Service Network is joined by experts in the field of innovation- and knowledge management und cooperates with 40+ partners from universities, competence centres and service companies. ISN was founded in 2001 in Austria and in 2002 the network structure was transferred to Slovenia with local partnerships to relevant experts.

We accompany companies during the development of new products and services and support them to establish strategies and procedures for a successful market introduction.

By using the term innovation we do not only mean groundbreaking, new inventions which are completely new to the world. To us, innovation incorporates any type of change which adds advantage and value to a company.

We love the challenges we encounter when working with small businesses and discovering new paths with and for them. At the same time it is very exciting to work with large enterprises and to support them in making business more efficient. However, it does not matter in any way how big a company is or to which industry it belongs – the only thing that is of interests for us is designing their future.

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ISN d.o.o.