Kölsch & Altmann GmbH

By the foundation of K&A in Munich in 1985 both owners of the company, Dr. Altmann and Dr. Kölsch, claimed to bring the usage of utmost high standard of best modern software technology into the company.

To achieve this target is ever since the first intention of K&A.

Being a supplier of professional trainings for 20 years, K&A offers high standards in the fields of software technology and software project management. Software developers can rely on getting state of the art know how in programming languages as well as in methods and processes.

Our customers come from the fields of information technology, telecommunication, automotive and defence. By now we offer to our customers all over support and coaching in all phases of software development. Model based development of software and systems, as for example by using UML or SysML, was successfully launched within all our branches since many years.

Both, our strength in the field of OOA, OOD, modelling and implementation, as well as our agility are the basis of our success that leads to the profit of our customers. We do develop small and larger projects either in direct responsibility or as a partner within the structure of our customers.

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Kölsch & Altmann GmbH