Innovalia Association to Discuss on Future Internet Actors, Infrastructures & Opportunities

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Innovalia Association has been invited by the Spanish Technology Platform on Future Internet – esInternet, to take part in Madrid in the round table “Future Internet Actors, Infrastructures & Opportunities, next 20th October.
Innovalia Association will provide a view on SMEs and their role in the Future Internet.
In the context of the workshop on Future Internet organized by the Spanish Technology Platform, esInternet, and with high-level representatives from the FI-PPP initiative, Innovalia Association will take part on the round table addressing the topic on FI actors, infrastructures & opportunities. The workshop will take place next 20th October 2011 in Madrid.

Innovalia Association will share the panel discussions, among others, with stakeholders in the area of FI infrastructures such as ABERTIS TELECOM and ADIF in the transport sector, in the telecommunication networks, or the Santander City Hall representing the Smart Santander pilot for Smart cities.

Innovalia Association will represent the Future Internet Networked Enterprise Systems (FInES) cluster Task Force “SMEs in the Future Internet” and will complement such group of stakeholders brining the perspective of SMEs in the context of FI and the potential of the FI towards SMEs operations and collaboration. Innovalia will also share with the audience the vision of the ComVantage project around dynamic and de-centralised access to information in secure collaboration enabling easy to handle and trustful collaboration applications for mobile inter-organisational interaction.

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