ComVantage takes part at FInES cluster meeting

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ComVantage took part at the latest FInES Cluster Meeting hosted by the European Commission DG CONNECT Unit E3 Net Innovation in Brussels on 12th October, with the participation of more than 50 experts. The meeting was attended by representatives of Innovalia Association and SAP.

During the meeting, Dr Oscar Lazaro, from Innovalia Association, as “SMEs in the Future Internet” Task Force Leader, highlighted that nowadays SMEs aim at becoming smarter and more digital so as to be able to create business value more effectively and more efficiently by means of the exploitation of Future Internet Technologies. The main limitations that SMEs face nowadays when trying to become Future Internet SMEs were presented taking into account the tensions between technology and business operations. As part of the SMEs Task Force mission, ComVantage highlighted the enablers and guidelines by which FI technologies and solutions can help SMEs to gain competitive advantage.

During the Digital Enterprise and Business Innovation session, Dr Oscar Lazaro performed a presentation about the Absolute Safe and Healthy Factory project FASyS. The experience and multiple lessons learned in terms of deployment of integrated and personalised risk management solutions in a sensing enterprise were presented.

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