BGU will present ComVantage at the EC Researchers’ Night

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ComVantage partner BGU is going to participate in the Researchers’ Night event organized yearly by the European commission. This is a family mega event dedicated to popular science and fun learning. It is about showing what researchers do for society and why it matters, in interactive and engaging ways. The Researchers’ Night takes place every year in September, all over Europe. In 2013, these popular science events are happening in about 300 cities located in 35 European countries. In Israel Researchers’ Night will take place Thursday, September 12th.

ComVantage project, its goals and challenges, and the scientific work conducted within it will be presented in Ben-Gurion University in Beer-Sheva by BGU team members. A poster will be presented in the event detailing the concepts and implementation of ComVantage as well as the ongoing work of the BGU ComVantage team within the project.

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