ComVantage project presented in the Researches’ night event at Ben-Gurion University

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Hundreds of visitors participated in the Researches’ night event at Ben-Gurion University, where ComVantage project was presented by BGU team members. Visitors to the ComVantage booth, located in the EU zone of the event, included a diverse audience from all ages. The visitors, mostly the younger ones, were interested in the technological aspects of ComVantage infrastructure as well as the process capabilities enabled by the platform. For example a fourteen year old junior high school student wondered if the ‘cloud’ he hears so much about is used by the platform. A special interest was shown in the potential adaptation of ComVantage platform to specific business needs and its expected organizational benefits. For example, a construction manager asked if the ComVantage platform could help him cut down operational costs by supporting direct interaction with suppliers.

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