ComVantage ICT survey results are here!

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The ComVantage survey was conducted in September 2013 and was aimed at capturing the potential business impacts of ComVantage technology by empirically assessing the attitudes of various stakeholders in industrial supply chains. Data collected from 318 managers in six European countries shows that Web-based technologies are used more extensively than mobile applications and Web 2.0 technology, with Web 3.0/Semantic Web/Linked Data being the least used Information and Communication Technology (ICT) (although it is used more extensively by technology-oriented organizations).

ComVantage-related ICT is found to have positive effects on all three collaborative capabilities – supplier, customer, and internal – with supplier collaborative capabilities being the most strongly affected. The analysis also indicates that supplier, customer, and internal collaborative capabilities positively affect all six dimensions of business process performance examined – efficiency, flexibility, quality, innovation, cost, and sustainability. Strategic implications on the three tested dimensions of competitive advantage (differentiation, cost leadership, and financial performance) are found for four operational dimensions – innovation, quality, cost, and efficiency. The findings provide a deeper understanding of the potential contribution of the technologies underlying ComVantage to the various stakeholders in industrial supply chains, and they may be used as guidelines in planning and implementing the ComVantage platform to achieve operational and strategic benefits.

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