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BOC presents ComVantage project in its Strategic Partner Meeting

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Last week ComVantage project’s partner BOC celebrated its local Strategic Partner Meeting in Madrid. It is a meeting related to BPM (Business Process Management), Supply-Chain, Quality Management, etc.

Several companies presented their project experiences within this meeting. BOC presented some of its core business activities including the EU projects where they are involved. Indeed, the ComVantage project was presented, its main concepts, objectives and business benefits.

Moreover, the achievements in the development of the ComVantage Modelling tool were presented, as it is shown in the following picture:

ComVantage partners participate in the Innovation Forum “Smart Systems. Embedded”

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More than 150 participants joined the Innovation Forum “Smart Systems, Embedded”, composites composed of embedded interlinked systems. The success story is based on a mix of presentations, networking and exhibition. This event has itself established over the years as “driver of technical issues” and could keep its open atmosphere.

The focus of these Innovation Forums is still technical presentations. Parallel tracks hereby allow participants to pick out the most fitting topic.

ComVantage was represented in this event by Werner Altmann (K&A). Werner Altmann gave a presentation on “Mobile Maintenance (predictive scenarios) for active machines”. A display roll-up about ComVantage project was shown in order to demonstrate its scientific and technological excellence.

ComVantage addresses semantic interoperability in the IoT Week in Helsinki

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This week ComVantage will present its reference architecture and the semantic technologies that have been developed so far in the IoT Week in Helsinki within the “Improving Horizontal IoT Interoperability” and the “AC4 Service openness- Open Platform” workshops.

The “Improving Horizontal IoT Interoperability” workshop will present the status of the IoT European Research Cluster (IERC) activity chain 4 on interoperability, present semantic interoperability activities which are having specific interest by many communities and will explore future vision and plan of actions in particular for 2014 towards horizontality of interoperability across active projects within IERC projects portfolio and beyond.

The “AC4 Service openness- Open Platform” session will identify existing initiatives in the field of open horizontal platforms and their challenges and will explore paths for joint publication and running of trials.

ComVantage successfully moderates the Virtual Manufacturing session of the Imagine FOF2020 event

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Key stakeholders from industry and academia of the on-going Public Private Partnership ‘Factories of the Future’ (PPP FoF) projects have met at the “Imagine FOF2020” event this week in Geneva to discuss progress and future challenges related to ICT.

In this event, ComVantage has successfully moderated the Virtual Manufacturing session, where important manufacturing projects have participated and exchanged their ideas, such as ComVantage, Imagine, MSEE, LinkedDesign, Epes, ExtremeFactories, Premanus and ADVENTURE.

The Factories of the Future (FoF) PPP aims to support the development of enabling technologies to foster innovation in the EU manufacturing sector, in particular by SMEs as Manufacturing still plays an important role in the European economy, constituting 21 % of the Union’s GDP.

Participate in our Business Questionnaire!

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ComVantage has developed a questionnaire to examine the effects of information and communication technology (ICT) on organizations. The data collected will be analysed by a team of researchers from Ben-Gurion University.
The questionnaire is intended for managers at all organizational levels. Your anonymity is guaranteed and the data collected via the questionnaire will only be used in an aggregated manner for research purposes. Specific organizational data will not be communicated to any third party. Completing the questionnaire should take about 10-15 minutes. Three of those who will complete the survey, chosen randomly, will receive vouchers of $100 to be used at Amazon.
Participate here!

ComVantage contributes with a chapter to the FIA Book 2013

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ComVantage has contributed with a chapter to the Future Internet Assembly (FIA) 2013 Book in the section devoted to the Internet of Things. You can see here the online version of this Book which is now printed and available online. The publication constitutes the 2013 edition of the annual Future Internet Assembly book, which has been published since 2009. It contains selected program-level results from the European Union FP7 program on the Future Internet, complementing the FIA conferences. The aim is to disseminate the results as widely as possible.

Several partners of the project collaborated in the development of this chapter which focus is on presenting ComVantage as Mobile Enterprise Collaboration Reference Framework and Enabler for Future Internet Information Interoperability. The aim of the chapter is to present a reference architecture for mobile enterprise collaboration based on LD interoperability. Moreover, security, semantic data lifting, business process modelling interoperability and mobile app orchestration enablers are presented to facilitate trustful and effective inter-organisational collaboration.

ComVantage takes part at the FIA week 2013 in Dublin

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ComVantage took an active participation during the 2013 Future Internet Assembly (FIA) event from 8th to 10th May 2013. This tenth edition of the Future Internet Assembly was held in The Helix, Dublin in association with the Irish presidency of the Council of the EU. The theme for FIA-Dublin was “Future Internet accelerates Innovation”, and the event was focused on how European Future Internet research and innovation will support EU’s competitiveness and enable a new wave of technologies at the eve of Horizon 2020.

ComVantage was represented in this event by Tobias Münch (SAP) and the FInES Cluster chairman Oscar Lázaro (Innovalia Association). A poster about ComVantage project was shown in order to demonstrate its scientific and technological excellence.

Within the poster, the main goals and objectives of the ComVantage project are shown, as well as the business industrial use cases where it can be applied: from plant engineering and commissioning to mobile maintenance and customer-oriented production in e-commerce. The industrial business cases pose generalized key requirements that ComVantage must achieve, such as a distributed and mobile collaboration, usability, flexibility and security of the information shared avoiding access of unauthorised users.

So as to cope with these requirements and needs, the appropriate technology enablers are being developed. Indeed, ComVantage enables virtual and mobile collaboration between geographically distributed partners through the Semantic Web by means of user friendly single-purpose mobile applications. Moreover, so as to guarantee the privacy of the collaborative data, ComVantage implements an innovative fine-grained access control based on query rewriting and traditional XACML solutions.

ComVantage consortium gathers in Bilbao to discuss the security approach for Linked Data

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Last week, the ComVantage consortium met at the premises of Nextel in Bilbao (Spain) for two days. The workshop, which was held on the 2nd and 3rd of May was focused on the successful demonstration of the security functionalities developed up to date and the necessary adaptations to fit the needs of the different industrial scenarios (consumer-oriented production, mobile maintenance, plant engineering and commissioning). ComVantage partners developed a common understanding of how the proposed access control model for Linked Data works and how it will guarantee that just authorized users can access the information published in the Linked Data cloud in a multi domain environment.

The meeting also allowed for technical discussions to align the development of the different security modules with the overall ComVantage architecture and with the app orchestration framework.

Security partners presented a detailed view of the forthcoming goals and development roadmap for the second half of the project regarding the implementation of the enhanced security prototypes that will be ready at the end of the second year.

ComVantage holds its third General Assembly in Versalles

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ComVantage Consortium met at the premises of Evidian (Versailles) for two days in order to hold its third General Assembly. During these days, from 20th to 21st March, the different consortium partners have shown their achievements until the middle of the ComVantage project. The technology partners presented their successful implementations regarding the multi-domain security for Linked Data, advanced modelling functions for orchestrated mobile apps and robust linked data technologies in a mobile enterprise collaboration context.

So as to visualise the ComVantage business value proposition, the core idea of ComVantage has been demonstrated in the mockups of the different use cases involved in the project: Mobile maintenance, Plan Engineering and Comissioning and Customer-oriented production.

Both technology and use case partners presented a detailed view of the forthcoming goals and development roadmap for the second half of the project regarding the implementation of the enhanced prototypes that will be ready at the end of the second year.

ComVantage holds a mobile app orchestration workshop in Dresden

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The ComVantage consortium held a 2 day meeting in Dresden. The workshop took place on the 12th and 13th March 2013 in the Technische Universität of Dresden and allowed a deep revision of the modelling support for mobile applications development. The ComVantage consortium developed a common understanding of the mobile app orchestration in ComVantage and, for that purpose, different hands-on sessions regarding app implementation took place.

The meeting allowed demonstrating the successful operation of the different implementations of the various collaboration technology enablers. In fact, the technology partners presented their successful development results regarding the multi-domain security for Linked Data, advanced modelling functions for orchestrated mobile apps and robust linked data technologies in a mobile enterprise collaboration context.

ComVantage takes part at the CEDC in Romania

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Last Thursday 18th October, University Profesor Dr. Dimitris Karagiannis, as head of the Knowledge Engineering Research Group from the University of Vienna, participated in the International Conference on Engineering and Business education, innovation and entrepreneurship, which has held in Sibiu, Romania.

Dr. Dimitris Karagiannis gave a speech on the topic Business Process Management: Technology and Education, where ComVantage project was mentioned as a succesful example.

If you want more information about this conference, the experts involved and the different topics addressed, please follow click here.

ComVantage takes part at FInES cluster meeting

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ComVantage took part at the latest FInES Cluster Meeting hosted by the European Commission DG CONNECT Unit E3 Net Innovation in Brussels on 12th October, with the participation of more than 50 experts. The meeting was attended by representatives of Innovalia Association and SAP.

During the meeting, Dr Oscar Lazaro, from Innovalia Association, as “SMEs in the Future Internet” Task Force Leader, highlighted that nowadays SMEs aim at becoming smarter and more digital so as to be able to create business value more effectively and more efficiently by means of the exploitation of Future Internet Technologies. The main limitations that SMEs face nowadays when trying to become Future Internet SMEs were presented taking into account the tensions between technology and business operations. As part of the SMEs Task Force mission, ComVantage highlighted the enablers and guidelines by which FI technologies and solutions can help SMEs to gain competitive advantage.

During the Digital Enterprise and Business Innovation session, Dr Oscar Lazaro performed a presentation about the Absolute Safe and Healthy Factory project FASyS. The experience and multiple lessons learned in terms of deployment of integrated and personalised risk management solutions in a sensing enterprise were presented.

ComVantage holds its second General Assembly in Munich

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ComVantage Consortium met at the premises of K&A (Munich) in order to hold its second General Assembly for two days. During these days, from 4th to 5th September, the different consortium partners have shown their achievements during the twelve months of life of the ComVantage project. Technology partners presented a detailed view of the forthcoming goals and development roadmap for the second year of the project regarding a trustful mobile collaboration, secure access control model, linked data integration and advanced modeling methods.

The meeting also was useful to get a more detailed insight into the first mock-ups that have been developed by the use case partners until month 12 and their objectives for the next 12 months in terms of generating more enhanced prototypes. During the General Assembly, the different dissemination and cluster activities that have been held during this first year of the project have been summarized and the contribution towards new dissemination sources have been discussed.

ComVantage provides two presentations at FInES panel during the FIA Week

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ComVantage took an active participation during the FIA Week in Aalborg from 8th to 11th May 2012. The first Future Internet Assembly (FIA) of 2012 was held in Aalborg, under the Presidency of Denmark in the EU Council. The theme for FIA-Aalborg was “Smart Cities and Internet of Things”, and the event will bring together projects that have recognized the need to strengthen European activities on the Future Internet, to maintain European competitiveness in the global marketplace. The FInES Cluster was present through FInES Workshop “Translating Knowledge into Growth: Views from ICT Research to Support Future Business Competitiveness on the May 9th, 2012

ComVantage contributed with two presentations from Prof. Karagiannis (Vienna University, BOC) and Dr Lazaro (Innovalia Association) as part of the FInES cluster workshop – Translating Knowledge into Growth: Views from ICT Research to Support Future Business Innovation.

Dr Oscar Lazaro reported on the industrial experiences in sensing enterprise use case deployments. The presentation presented the barriers encountered during the deployment of first experiences on sensing enterprise systems. The Absolute Safe and Healthy Factory (FASyS) project was presented and the various lessons learned in terms of security, privacy, reliability, business, legal and social dimensions were presented. The opportunities which sensing enterprise offers to SMEs were also presented and discussed during the panel.

Prof. Karagiannis discussed on the Modelling Aspects for Next-Generation Enterprise Systems. He advocated for a more sophisticated and extensive use of modelling methods and tools towards effective and sound enterprise collaboration principles. The need for both mathematical foundations and conceptualization of modelling methods is essential for fulfilling the requirements of future internet enterprise systems, e.g. in manufacturing mobile service networks.

ComVantage leaflet out

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The ComVantage consortium has issued the ComVantage Leaflet on April 3rd. The leaflet covers the major challenges for effective enterprise collaboration and presents the project ingredients towards successful collaboration. ComVantage proposes a three step process for collaboration (1) Engage your company in the secure web of data (2) link and exploit the data (3) mobilise collaboration.

Visit ComVantage Dissemination Section and learn which collaboration issues concern customer-oriented production, mobile maintenance and plant engineering and commissioning scenarios.

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