The ComVantage presentation of the Linked Data Editing tool OntoSketch won the Best Demo Award at iKNOW in Graz

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Partners from ComVantage participated in i-Know 2013 giving a presentation on: ‘OntoSketch: Towards Digital Sketching as a Tool for Creating and Extending Ontologies for Non-Experts’, winning the Best Demo Award!. In fact, they presented in this event the Linked Data Editing tool OntoSketch, which allows for visualisation and interactive extension of RDF/OWL ontologies. It uses a limited expressivity to offer ontology engineering features also to non-expert users.

I-KNOW is a top-tier international conference in the areas of knowledge management and knowledge computing. Since 2001, i-KNOW has developed into the crystallization point for different disciplines of knowledge computing, such as knowledge discovery, knowledge analysis, knowledge visualization, social computing, mobile computing, context-aware computing, etc. This year, it has been celebrated from 4-6 September in Graz.

Apart from that, ComVantage was also represented in this event by Dr. Conny Weber who gave a presentation on “Using mobile technology for inter-organizational collaboration and end-customer integration”.

BGU will present ComVantage at the EC Researchers’ Night

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ComVantage partner BGU is going to participate in the Researchers’ Night event organized yearly by the European commission. This is a family mega event dedicated to popular science and fun learning. It is about showing what researchers do for society and why it matters, in interactive and engaging ways. The Researchers’ Night takes place every year in September, all over Europe. In 2013, these popular science events are happening in about 300 cities located in 35 European countries. In Israel Researchers’ Night will take place Thursday, September 12th.

ComVantage project, its goals and challenges, and the scientific work conducted within it will be presented in Ben-Gurion University in Beer-Sheva by BGU team members. A poster will be presented in the event detailing the concepts and implementation of ComVantage as well as the ongoing work of the BGU ComVantage team within the project.

New Research Orientations towards Horizon 2020: Final Position Paper Available!

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Dr. Oscar Lázaro (Innovalia Association), as co-chair of the FInES cluster, coordinated the edition of the FInES Position Paper, where some partners of ComVantage have participated, including SAP, ISN and DC21.

This Position Paper presents the FInES community’s perspective of “Digital BusiNet Innovation” and shares insights from an Enterprise perspective on Future Internet Capabilities. To this end, five themes, in alignment with the focus and interest areas of Unit E3 are proposed: Future Internet (in the context of the Future Internet Public Private Partnership), Web Entrepreneurship, Sensing Enterprise, Digital Enterprise, and Collaborative Awareness Platforms (CAPS).

The final version of the Position Paper can be downloaded from here.

Innovalia Association presents ComVantage during its XI Innovalia Group Summer Congress

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Innovalia Association has organised the XI Innovalia Group Summer Congress, which was celebrated in Zamudio (Spain) on 12th July.

The managers of all the companies that form the Innovalia group have presented the achievements during this year and the estimations and objectives towards next year. Within this congress, Dr. Oscar Lázaro, managing director of Innovalia Association has presented the objectives and achievements so far within ComVantage project.

Moreover, three ComVantage videos have been shown in the Innovalia stand during the congress, which presented the objectives of the project and some examples of the prototypes developed so far.

ComVantage presents its security model within IEEE WoWMoM 2013

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Patricia Ortiz (INNO), from Innovalia Association, as representative of ComVantage project, participated from 4th to 7th June 2013 in the IEEE WOWMOM conference which was held in Madrid, Spain. This conference addresses research challenges and advances towards a world of wireless, mobile, and multimedia pervasive communications.

Patricia Ortiz gave a speech on the topic Enhanced Multi-Domain Access Control for Secure Mobile Collaboration Through Linked Data Cloud In Manufacturing, thus presenting the secure access control model that is being developed within ComVantage project.

The paper was presented within the Industry track. A key goal of this session is to present systems-oriented research that exposes the academic and research communities to real-life issues and problems being faced in industry.

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