ComVantage Modelling Prototype

The prototype is developed on the basis of a) the theoretical specifications of the modelling method developed in ComVantage; b) the lessons learned from evolving the OMI modelling prototype. Its aim is similar to the one of the academic OMI prototype, but the conceptual coverage of its metamodel is broader: it enables the modelling of the higher level business context (e.g. business model, market structure, supply chain), before it is decomposed to the granularity handled in the OMI prototype. Also, it is built on a newer version of the ADOxx metamodelling platform, with features unavailable in the OMI prototype, such as a centralised catalogue of reusable modelling objects.


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  • Download link: www.adoxx.orgThe ComVantage modelling prototype will still be available for a limited period of time (2 years). This prototype will evolve into the ADOlog commercial modelling tool for logistics and supply chain management.

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