Ontologies for customer-oriented production

The ontologies for Customer-oriented Production describe the Customer-oriented Production application area based on the scenarios of the ComVantage partner Dresscode21 (DC21). These ontologies aim at covering all relevant concepts targeting the textile production domain:

  • Supplier Ontology: The supplier ontology is used to describe business partners like material providers, tailors and embroidery shops. It also contains means to describe stock items, stock orders and related entities.
  • Garment Ontology: The Garment ontology deals with all aspects of shirts, their features, and their production process.
  • Material Ontology: The material ontology describes items that are used to produce shirts, in particular zippers.
  • Shop Ontology: The Shop ontology imports the Shirt ontology to represent the goods that are offered, as well as the following publicly available ontologies:
    • FOAF for personal information like names and email addresses,
    • vCard for surface mail addresses,
    • GoodRelations for prices and fees

ICT 2013